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The Tuckered Pup

The Place Dogs Bark About

The "Mean Lady"

My dogs, they touch me. I know what they are thinking, I know what they say. Sometimes, I am so wrapped up in what I am going through, that I "turn it off", so I won't have to listen.

Each time I flounder, they push me towards my intended path. I stumble, they right me, I turn away, in pain, they are quietly insistent that they are right here beside me. I second guess, I propel things along where I shouldn't, they bring me back into focus. Of what isimportant, what I need, what completes me.

They have always accepted me, for who I am. Whether weak, standing strong or comatose. If you have never been loved by a dog, that unconditionally, does not care about any of your vices, your weaknesses, your failings, then you are indeed missing a gift. To see yourself, in your dog's eyes, is to look into your soul and accept yourself

Holden, 14 months