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The Tuckered Pup

The Place Dogs Bark About


Listen up dog owners!

If you have an out of control yappy little dog or a middle to large size aggressive big dog, and it's driving you and your neighbors crazy, you have two choices. Live with it or fix it!

Invest in the time and commitment to clearly understand WHY and WHAT you need to do to turn your pet's life around, so you can both live a happy life together.

I have known "The Mean Lady" for 33 years. I have watched as her natural abilities plus the perfect personality developed into the outstanding dog and human behaviorist she has become today. Don't live in misery and frustration when you can learn how to live with your pet in happy companionship.

It can be the greatest gift you ever give yourself!

Claire Carr (Trainer, Behaviorist, Author)


As an owner of three previous rescue dogs from the Humane Society of Michigan, I thought I knew a lot about training dogs that have been given up on. All three of our rescues had been Rottweilers and all three got accolades everywhere they went for their behavior. As our last dog passed, it was again time to look for another dog. Our fourth rescue was only three months old and seemed to have a learning disability. I had many questions about the training that I would be able to provide because all of our other rescues had been older Rotts. My initial training methods seemed to be dead Vet turned me on to THE MEAN LADY. With one cheese stick, you showed me a better way to train my puppy, Lucky, who could do nothing! (I thought). In five minutes, you had Lucky (a three-month-old) sitting on voice command alone...needless to say, I signed up for basic classes immediately. What you did/do without harsh corrections was amazing!

Your doggy daycare has been a lifesaver and is the only place I have been happy with boarding my dog. He loves the interactions you provide at the Tuckered Pup and at your home. My overall experience continues to be outstanding...and I still do not think you are that mean! Thank you for providing Lucky the jump start he needed to deal with my training style...hey, did you train the dog or me?

I just wanted to thank you...again,

Ed Koledo (Linden, MI)

PS - I need you to watch my dog again this weekend

You're a miracle worker for us... thanks so much Ann.

Your advice was great!!!

Chris and Annie (MI)

I would recommend Ann to everyone. She is incredible. I was at the end of my rope with my dog Dutch. I thought he was crazy, but I learned he just needed some rules and guidance. Ann taught me how to work with him, and I'm seeing now what a good dog he can be. Ann is my Cesar Millan. Today she taught me how to walk three of my dogs together, and I can't wait to use the techniques I learned. Ann is professional and so helpful. Before I even signed up for classes, she spent about 45 minutes talking to me about Dutch and his issues and even called the next day to check on him. I was so impressed by that. She really cares and wants to help, and you don't find someone like that every day.

Maureen Mclaughlin (Troy, MI)