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The Tuckered Pup

The Place Dogs Bark About

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I would like to thank you for helping me train Baron, our 165lbs Newf. You helped turn our stubborn baby boy into the family pet and show dog we desired (and with 4 children under the age of 7 this was a must)!

I truly appreciate how you taught me to train my Newf in a way HE understands. I love that I can take him anywhere and am confident he will behave.

Through your training, Baron did not lose his personality or spirit, but gained structure. After attending your training classes and aquiring knowledge through your counciling, I know why you come so highly recommended!!!

Carrie Keech (Fenton, MI)   

I can tell you absolutely love what you do, Ann. Our puppy, Bogey, loves coming to day care and we love that he is calm and relaxed in the evening so we can have that cuddle time we were missing out on. Your service is priceless!

Karyn Kutchey (Fenton, MI)

Juan and I enjoyed the 7 weeks of instruction with our puppy in Ann's class. We are off to a great start thanks to her knowledge.

Cindy Cupal, Fenton