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The Tuckered Pup

The Place Dogs Bark About


In memory of Ron Thibault

The dogs adored him, his family loved him. Clients became friends, friends became family. His beloved Ben was his constant shadow. Years of dog experience and a genuine awe of the man/dog relationship could move him to tears. I am blessed to have shared my life with him.

Ann Thibault

Ann has been involved in the dog world since 1978. She has trained dogs, educated people, participated in the use of therapy dogs, competed in obedience & shown dogs both in the U.S. and Mexico. She has held numerous positions with the Newfoundland Club of So. California, Great Lakes Newfoundland Club and served as the Education chairman of the Newfoundland Club of America. She has appeared on the Mike & Maty show, written articles for both the NCA and Hoflin publishing, published articles in two countries, and has been interviewed for Dog Fancy & Dog World magazines and various newspapers. She has judged several draft and water tests for the Newfoundland Club of America & taught seminars across the country in behavior and training. Ann continues to work on her books, sharing life with her children, several dogs and other animals.