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The Tuckered Pup

The Place Dogs Bark About

About Us‚Äč

Ron and Ann had over 65 years combined experience with dogs.

Their experiences and knowledge is what prompted Ann

to open the Tuckered Pup. Helping to educate people and promote responsible dog ownership is the foundation of the company.

Ron grew up involved in the dog world. His family owned

a large breeding and showing Newfoundland kennel

on the east coast. Day to day care of dogs is both labor intensive and extensive.

Grooming, training, breeding, whelping and raising puppies is just part of that experience. Studying

pedigrees, traveling to dog shows, the responsibility of running the kennel and working with prospective clients and visitors is an around the clock job.

Entrusted to help with the breeding and care of some of the

top dogs in the country, he learned early on the importance

of making a client feel comfortable leaving their pet or show dog in the care of the family operation.

Ann - I always knew that I wanted to work with dogs. They

fascinated me. At a young age, my neighbors took me to my first dog show and promptly lost me. Held at the San Diego Sports Arena, I wandered about. Children have a way of blending in and I was no exception. I attended lectures and seminars, talked to anyone who would answer my questions and was thrilled to see so many dogs in one place. I was found several hours later outside the German Shepherd ring talking about dogs of course.

Little did I know how my life would involve and revolve around dogs and their people.

When Ron and I met, I was already teaching obedience classes, showing dogs in both the US and Mexico and traveling the countryside attending workshops and seminars in training and canine behavior.

Combining our years of dog experience opened a whole new outlook for both of us. When we moved to MI in 1996, the business became known as "Mean Lady" Dog Training.

Now known as "The Tuckered Pup", the focus is still on training dogs, educating people and letting dogs have "dog time". Playing, interacting and socializing, gives the dog an outlet for its energy.